You have been slacking with cleaning my boots this past week, and I am not happy about it.  Don’t make me find a new boot slave to take care of that.  That would make me very unhappy.  As punishment, I forbid you to even look up at me during this boot cleaning, and you will not be able to jerk off and cum on my boots today like you normally would.  I won’t even allow you to touch yourself and give yourself any pleasure while licking my boots.  I have also chosen to have you clean my boots on your hands and knees in my basement area so you are forced to be uncomfortable on the concrete floors rather than the soft carpet in my living room.  This will teach you to clean my boots when I tell you to, or else I will continue to punish you.


Want to see more?  Get the full length video here –> Lick My Cowgirl Boots on Your Hands & Knees