You finally come into the room I’m sitting in at your house.  I’m excited about our date tonight, but you won’t tell me where we are going.  We talk for a couple of minutes, and then I tell you to come sit by me since you’re still standing on the other side of the room.  You sit down, and we continue talking to kill some time before heading to the reservation you’ve made for us.  I purposely wore these boots for you since I know you love them!  You did buy them for me after all.  I flirt with you a little about boot shopping and wonder if you’ve worn appropriate underwear so others won’t see just how excited the boots get you.  I swing my legs into your lap, but you get nervous since we hear your brother walking around in the house above us.  Since you’re so distracted, I finally suggest we leave for our date night.


Want to see more?  Get the full video here –> Scarlet in Flat Brown Boots for our Surprise Date