Last week, we had a lot of water freeze on tree limbs, and it caused some damage and fallen limbs around our house.  This week, it has been raining a lot.  The video starts with me picking up a few small twigs in the yard, and I walk around in my rain boots with my jeans tucked into them.  I get a phone call while I’m outside and chat with a friend.  While I’m still on the phone, the video changes to my point of view, looking down at my rain boots.  I decide to go play in a large puddle of water that is fairly deep.  The water comes about halfway up the boots.  I slosh around in the water and soon realize that the left rain boot is NOT waterproof.  Water starts to seep into the boot and get my sock and foot wet.  But I decide to stay and play in the water a while longer, and the camera gets some full-body shots and close-ups.  I finish my conversation with a friend and go back inside.  The last minute of the video shows me taking off the rain boots, with a close-up on the soaked footie sock I’m wearing.  I then take the socks off and walk off camera to get ready for Zumba.


Want to see more?  Get the full length video here –> Scarlet Wearing Leaky Rain Boots in Water