I am sitting in my car, and I am about to go into a store to pick up a few items when a friend calls.  It’s drizzling rain lightly, so at first it isn’t a big deal.  I have my legs out of the car and crossed, and I’m wearing my brown Frye over-the-knee boots over my jeans.  This video is shot entirely from my point-of-view.  I chat on the phone with my friend, and as time goes by, my boots get a little wetter.  It finally starts raining a little harder, so I have to put my legs back in my car and shut my door.  So for the last 2 1/2 minutes, you see my boots in the footwell of my car while I wrap up the conversation.

Want to see more?  Get the full video here –> Scarlet’s Frye OTK Boots Getting Wet