You’ve just arrived at my house for our dinner date, and I’m dressed in my super soft and long black leather skirt, a sweater, and my new white high heeled boots.  You want to know how tall they are, but I just tease you for a while, lifting the skirt so you can see a little at a time.  I finally reveal all of the boot, and I can tell you definitely like them.  Of course, I knew you would.  I tease you some more before dinner, standing up so you can see the leather skirt with the boots.  I bend over and pull the leather skirt tight against my ass so you can see I’m not wearing any panties underneath.  I wonder just how much you’d be able to focus on dinner if I reached out under the table and rubbed my boot up and down your leg.  I bet you’d have thoughts of those boots wrapped around your waist later in the evening.  I can tell you are already so hard underneath your pants, so I suggest we hurry off to dinner so we can get back and play.


Want to see more?  Get the full-length video here –> How Tall are My White Boots?