You have decided to seek out therapy to control your reactions to particular fetishes: pedal pumping, boots, leather clothing, and leather gloves.  In our first session, I ask you to explain your reasons for therapy, but you are too distracted by my outfit: short dress, leather jacket, leather gloves, tan pantyhose, and black over-the-knee leather boots.  Not to mention, I’ve spread my legs a few times, so you’ve caught glimpses of my red and black lacy panties underneath my pantyhose.  We’re not even 5 minutes into the session before I catch you playing with yourself.  As your therapist, I explain that I use a method in which I expose you to your likes and then urge you to control your reactions.  I tell you to get down on your knees in front of me so I can act out a short pedal pumping scene.  Once I’ve finished that, I have you stand up in front of me.  I reach out and rub your crotch through your pants and realize you are going to need a LOT of work.  You are hard as a rock and couldn’t control your reaction at all to my pedal pumping scenario.  I have you sit back in the chair across the room and talk with you a little further while spreading my legs and running my gloved hands over my pantyhose from time to time.


Want to see more?  Get the full-length video here –> Therapy with Scarlet: Session 01